The Cotton Conference Bag

Make a strong statement by using an eco friendly bag at your next trade show or exhibition and make sure it catches the public’s attention by getting it dyed in the right colors. The # B03 is styles with an adjustable shoulder straps made out of cotton web, which can be dyed to a color different than the fabric of the bag to give it a stylish two toned look, may be even to match your company’s colors. An external pocket with a button, an internal zippered pocket and ample amount of space inside, the # B03 can pack in a lot. We don’t believe in minimums and would also be happy to customize the bags to your specific needs.

Size (in inches):15″ x 12″ + 4″
Fabric: 10 oz./yard_ dyed cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_)
Handle: Dyed cotton web; 1.5″ wide, 42.5″ long [adjustable]
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000