The Canvas Office Bag

Perfect to be used as holiday gifts for your employees and other stakeholders during the holiday season, the # B04 is a canvas office bag which can pack in a lot. Styled with 2 external zippered pockets, one at the back, one on the front flap, an adjustable shoulder strap and a small carry handle, this bag comes with velcro closures for the flap. Use it for the office, use it for school or college, use it as a laptop bag – either way, it’s bound to make a statement. We don’t believe in minimums and are happy to do small orders as well. We’d love to send over a free sample and even a detailed quote once your write in to us with your requirements.

Size (in inches):16″ x 12″ + 4″
Fabric: 10 oz./yard_ natural cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_)
Handle: Natural cotton web; 1.5″ wide, 44″ long [adjustable]
Minimum Order Quantity: 100