The Cotton Boat Bag

Comfortable shoulder handles, a dyed bottom, two ply handles and a button closure makes the # 018 a smart and fashionable bag and thus a very efficient advertising and promotional product. Make an impression my getting your company logo printed on this immensely popular bag and using it as a giveaway with your company documents and may be even a promo gift at a trade convention or exhibition. We don’t believe in minimums and deliver directly from India. We can send over a free sample and even a digital mock up with your logo on the bag.

Size (in inches):19″ x 14″ + 6″
Fabric: Body – 10 oz./yard_ natural cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_); Base – 10 oz./yard_ dyed cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_)
Handle: 2 ply, 10 oz./yard_ natural & dyed cotton canvas; 1.25″ wide, 25″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 100