The Economy Tote

The A01 economy tote is made out of 4.5 oz. light weight dyed cotton, which can be dyed to almost any color of your choice, may be something to match your company’s colors or your logo, which you can get printed on the bag. It is one of our most popular selling styles and is most frequently used as a free give away during trade shows and exhibitions. It also makes for a nice shopping bag, which store owners of various kinds can use to give to their customers, who shop from them. Spice up the bag by asking us to customize it for you, we’d be happy to do so.

Size (in inches):15″ x 16″
Fabric: 4.5 oz./yard_ lightweight dyed cotton canvas (155 grams/meter_)
Handle: Same fabric; 1″ wide, 24″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 1500