Product Spotlight-Issue 1- Recycled cotton bag

Our USP is our unique products. They deserve a special mention. So we have come up with a series of 4 issues, each talking about our unique products and innovative fabrics. Made with the finest fabrics, well-thought of designs and high-quality craftsmanship, our bags are the new age innovation in custom, eco-friendly products. 

In this issue of product spotlight, we are going to talk about our recycled cotton tote bags. 

As the name suggests, it is the epitome of eco-friendly. The super-man of eco-bags, our recycled cotton totes justify our inclination towards innovation in fabrics and care for the environment. 

When we talk about cotton bags, a lot goes in the making. Cotton is a very thirsty crop. It is extremely resource intense and it needs a lot of land, water, ample sunlight and chemical-laden pesticides and fertilizers for growing. It needs to be harvested, processed and woven into cotton cloth. 

The U.S. alone produces around 10 billion sq yards of woven and knitted cotton goods. Such a huge amount of cotton generates a lot of textile waste or leftovers. Secondhand clothing or discarded cotton only adds to the waste if not handled properly. 

Our recycled cotton bags are made by recycling such pre-consumer (excess material produced during the production of fabrics) and post-consumer cotton waste (discarded textile products). 

The cotton waste is collected and spun into new yarns which are then used into creating our greener than green, sustainable, eco-conscious recycled cotton bags. 

Now you know how regenerated cotton bags are much better than those made from the first-hand cotton. Some of the many advantages of recycled cotton:

  1. Recycled cotton bags do not use any new water, land, fertilizers or other resources for their growth. 
  2. They help in reducing the amount of cotton waste that would otherwise end up in our landfill. 
  3. Recycled cotton bags save energy, water, and dye used to process the cotton since the pre-consumed textile scraps are sorted by color before recycling. 

As manufacturers, it is important we provide our customers with greener alternatives to choose from. All our bags are made in ethical facilities audited by SEDEX. From promotional bags, bags for giveaways in conferences and seminars, party favors and other advertising bags, we can customize recycled cotton bags with your brand logo, appliques, and other add ons. 

As a brand, giving our recycled cotton bags will make you come across as an eco-conscious, responsible brand. Check out our recycled cotton bags in fantastic colors. 

We can customize the color to match your choice of Pantone. Drop us a line for more information and get the perfect recycled cotton bag for your brand.