Why should one opt for cotton promotional bags

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When we are looking for branding or promotional products, it is natural that we go for some utility items like bags, stationary or other merchandise that will be useful to our patrons or clients. What we don’t pay attention to is the material of the promotional product we are choosing. We totally underestimate the advantages of a particular material when finalizing a product for promotions when in reality the material plays an important role in your branding strategy.

The product you choose reflects your brand to the receivers. To make sure your image stands right in the eye of the clients, it is important you choose the right material for your custom bags.
We personally recommend cotton. And to back up this recommendation, we have not one but 5 advantages of using cotton for promotional bags

It is reusable and washable

Cotton is a versatile fabric. Unlike plastic or synthetic products, cotton is washable and reusable. Which means the promotional bags will stay longer with your clients as a remembrance and reminder of your brand, unlike plastic bags that get thrown away.

It is biodegradable

As an organization, we constantly strive to come across as ethical and eco-friendly. Plastic has become a major nuisance and more and more people are ditching plastic for good. By using cotton for your branding, you will not only come across as an environmentally aware organization but also inspire more people to ditch plastic.

It is smoother and lighter

Cotton as a fabric has a smoother texture and is light to carry around. Cotton tote bags have a large surface area for your business design, which implies an impactful business advertising of your brand. It is lightweight which makes it easy to carry and use as grocery bags. Your design has chances to be seen by countless bystanders when your client walks down the street carrying your bag.

It is cheap

Cotton bags are a relatively cheaper alternative when you are looking for affordable or cheap promotional products. Especially when you are buying in bulk, the price further goes down. Usually, bag companies give huge discounts on bulk custom orders.

It looks stylish

Cotton promotional bags look stylish, unlike transparent plastic bags that have a printed logo.
Cotton bags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to match your brand requirements. You have the option to customize your bag as per your style.

What’s more? Apart from advertising your brand, cotton bags promote green living. They are reusable and save the need of hundreds of plastic bags. Be environmentally conscious with cotton bags for your promotional products.

Cotton tote bags make for excellent corporate gifts and promotional products especially if you fill them with goodies.