Product Spotlight-Issue 1- Recycled cotton bag

Our USP is our unique products. They deserve a special mention. So we have come up with a series of 4 issues, each talking about our unique products and innovative fabrics. Made with the finest fabrics, well-thought of designs and high-quality craftsmanship, our bags are the new age innovation in custom, eco-friendly products. 

In this issue of product spotlight, we are going to talk about our recycled cotton tote bags. 

As the name suggests, it is the epitome of eco-friendly. The super-man of eco-bags, our recycled cotton totes justify our inclination towards innovation in fabrics and care for the environment. 

When we talk about cotton bags, a lot goes in the making. Cotton is a very thirsty crop. It is extremely resource intense and it needs a lot of land, water, ample sunlight and chemical-laden pesticides and fertilizers for growing. It needs to be harvested, processed and woven into cotton cloth. 

The U.S. alone produces around 10 billion sq yards of woven and knitted cotton goods. Such a huge amount of cotton generates a lot of textile waste or leftovers. Secondhand clothing or discarded cotton only adds to the waste if not handled properly. 

Our recycled cotton bags are made by recycling such pre-consumer (excess material produced during the production of fabrics) and post-consumer cotton waste (discarded textile products). 

The cotton waste is collected and spun into new yarns which are then used into creating our greener than green, sustainable, eco-conscious recycled cotton bags. 

Now you know how regenerated cotton bags are much better than those made from the first-hand cotton. Some of the many advantages of recycled cotton:

  1. Recycled cotton bags do not use any new water, land, fertilizers or other resources for their growth. 
  2. They help in reducing the amount of cotton waste that would otherwise end up in our landfill. 
  3. Recycled cotton bags save energy, water, and dye used to process the cotton since the pre-consumed textile scraps are sorted by color before recycling. 

As manufacturers, it is important we provide our customers with greener alternatives to choose from. All our bags are made in ethical facilities audited by SEDEX. From promotional bags, bags for giveaways in conferences and seminars, party favors and other advertising bags, we can customize recycled cotton bags with your brand logo, appliques, and other add ons. 

As a brand, giving our recycled cotton bags will make you come across as an eco-conscious, responsible brand. Check out our recycled cotton bags in fantastic colors. 

We can customize the color to match your choice of Pantone. Drop us a line for more information and get the perfect recycled cotton bag for your brand. 


The best promotional bag ever- Our A01 Economy Tote

When we were sorting out our products category wise, all we had in mind was, the best and the most useful be listed under our promotional/advertising section. You may ask why. It is because the promotional products that go out, not only represent your brand but us too.

The bags that are given away at trade shows, conferences, seminars, and giveaways, travel far and wide, get recognition and usability, it’s durability saves the use of hundreds of single-use plastic bags, and most importantly it carries your brand logo, design or artwork.

For a bag that carries your brand logo, it ought to be the best. And so we picked out our best for you. Our A01 Economy Tote. The Economy tote is made in a classic tote bag design,  the perfect option, if you are looking for custom printed promotional products and the most basic of its versions are available in the natural color of cotton.

Have a look

A01 Economy tote

Some of the custom printed bags we made for our clients

Bag customised for ALPI- Association of Lactation Professionals India

Bag customized for

Why is it the best promotional product?

We give you not one but 5 reasons why it is our best promotional product.

It is sturdy and durable

Made out of a 4.5 oz lightweight natural cotton, this economy tote is sturdy and how. At a trade show giveaway, this bag can be really useful for people to carry around stationary, brochures, pamphlets and other promotional materials they receive. The bag is sturdy enough to carry up to 10 kg of weight making it perfect for trade show giveaways.

It is easy to carry and reusable

The classic tote bag design and the convenient shoulder handles of this bag make it easy to carry. It is so portable, one can use it while travelling, grocery shopping, or simply fold it and keep it with them, just in case they need it later. Unlike a single-use plastic bag that is thrown after a single use, this custom printed promotional bag stays with your customers for a longer time, acting as a walking advertisement for your brand

It has a large surface area

This bag has a standard design and is 15” wide and 16” long. This means it has a large surface area for custom prints and logo placement. You can get printed text or letters with appliques, or embroidery for a plush personalized gift.

It is eco-friendly and ethically produced

Although all our cotton bags are eco-friendly, this economy tote is greener than green. For starters, it is made of natural cotton canvas that is biodegradable unlike its plastic and non-woven counterparts. Secondly, unlike other cotton canvas bag variants that are dyed, this one is raw natural cotton. Means absolutely no chemicals involved in dyeing or other processes. More and more brands are turning towards ethically produced and eco-friendly alternatives. This economy bag is made in SEDEX audited facilities and our manufacturing units meet 11 of the 17 SDGs (you can check it out here) continuously striving to make a noteworthy impact on the community and our planet large. This economy tote is a symbol of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

We have always spoilt our customers with choices and our A01 Economy tote has variations too. If you want something fancier than the Economy tote, you can try the same style in different materials like denim, dyed cotton, jute and spun bonded polypropylene.

No matter your promotional needs, we have you covered at Norquest brands Pvt Ltd. Our custom printed promotional products and personalized gifts are the perfect solution to all your advertising needs. Drop us a line to know more. 


Why should one opt for cotton promotional bags

When we are looking for branding or promotional products, it is natural that we go for some utility items like bags, stationary or other merchandise that will be useful to our patrons or clients. What we don’t pay attention to is the material of the promotional product we are choosing. We totally underestimate the advantages of a particular material when finalizing a product for promotions when in reality the material plays an important role in your branding strategy.

The product you choose reflects your brand to the receivers. To make sure your image stands right in the eye of the clients, it is important you choose the right material for your custom bags.
We personally recommend cotton. And to back up this recommendation, we have not one but 5 advantages of using cotton for promotional bags

It is reusable and washable

Cotton is a versatile fabric. Unlike plastic or synthetic products, cotton is washable and reusable. Which means the promotional bags will stay longer with your clients as a remembrance and reminder of your brand, unlike plastic bags that get thrown away.

It is biodegradable

As an organization, we constantly strive to come across as ethical and eco-friendly. Plastic has become a major nuisance and more and more people are ditching plastic for good. By using cotton for your branding, you will not only come across as an environmentally aware organization but also inspire more people to ditch plastic.

It is smoother and lighter

Cotton as a fabric has a smoother texture and is light to carry around. Cotton tote bags have a large surface area for your business design, which implies an impactful business advertising of your brand. It is lightweight which makes it easy to carry and use as grocery bags. Your design has chances to be seen by countless bystanders when your client walks down the street carrying your bag.

It is cheap

Cotton bags are a relatively cheaper alternative when you are looking for affordable or cheap promotional products. Especially when you are buying in bulk, the price further goes down. Usually, bag companies give huge discounts on bulk custom orders.

It looks stylish

Cotton promotional bags look stylish, unlike transparent plastic bags that have a printed logo.
Cotton bags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to match your brand requirements. You have the option to customize your bag as per your style.

What’s more? Apart from advertising your brand, cotton bags promote green living. They are reusable and save the need of hundreds of plastic bags. Be environmentally conscious with cotton bags for your promotional products.

Cotton tote bags make for excellent corporate gifts and promotional products especially if you fill them with goodies.