The Duffel / Duffle Sling Bag

It can’t get any more convenient than duffels. Duffles or duffels, as some call it, are the evergreen members of the bag family. Smart, stylish and convenient to carry around, they offer a variety of uses and can be used as efficient tools for your promotional and advertisement purposes. The # A26 is a duffel/duffle sling which looks like a rucksack and comes with a cotton cord handle and a zippered pocket inside. Use it as a gym bag, a sports bag, a college bag or even as a traveling sack; it makes for a good looking companion. We can print almost anything on this bag and can make a digital mock-up to give you an idea how your print would look. Ask for a free sample if you want to have a closer look at the bag.

Size (in inches):18″ x 8″ (round)
Fabric: 7 oz./yard_ medium weight natural cotton canvas (240 grams/meter_)
Handle: Natural cotton drawstring
Minimum Order Quantity: 100